Very many of us have been told the value of having proper Sodium in our daily diet. How can we even have food without Salt by the way? But many of us don’t know why and how our bodies process this most important metal ion. So for the less initiated here is a brief low down on this ion.

Sodium is a metal ion whose ions are the chief electrolyte in intracellular fluid. Out of 100 gm 50% we found mostly in the bone cells. The metal is absorbed from the small intestine and stomach while being carried via the blood stream by the kidneys.

We urinate almost 90% of Sodium (Na). Most of what we ingest are in the form of Sodium Chloride, 50% of which is found in processed food, 40% is added at the table while around 12% is naturally ingested.

why you need sodium


Interacts within Potassium (K+) ions across cell membrane to maintain electrical potential of the nervous system.

Sustains our acid-alkali balance (homoeostasis)

Helps produce the hormone Adrenaline

Manufactures Amino Acids (building blocks of protein)

Controls water balance in our body (the vital 70% of our bodies)

Excess Sodium Symptoms

Leads to high blood pressure

Migraine attacks

Leads to condition called Hypernatremia, causing fluid retention (edema), mental confusion, seizures orat times even coma

Kidney complaints.

Deficiency Symptoms

(Due to affected recycling as a result of kidney malfunction)

Low blood pressure

Muscle weakness

Mild fever

Respiratory problems


Loss of weight

General indisposition

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