The most common fruit that comes to mind when you think of potassium is the Banana, right? You are bang on. But what is this Potassium and why and how does it help us in our day to day functioning of our bodies? So if you want to know why Potassium is the next best thing for your body then read on.

Potassium is a metallic element required for the correct functioning of all plants and animals. It is found in most foods including fresh fruits, vegetables (Particularly potatoes), meat, milk, whole flour, coffee (15% of intake + 45 mg/cup!!), tea, cereals and cereal products and salt substitutes.

The human body contains 115-150 gm of the mineral, 98% of which is held inside our cells. Normal levels of potassium in the blood vary between 3.5 and 5 micro mol/ liter.


why you need potassium


Along with sodium it maintains the electrical potential of the nervous system and thus allows the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body.

Regulates muscle contraction and neuromuscular excitability.

Maintains the body’s osmotic balance.

Required by the heart to prevent Arrhythmia

Helps in protein metabolism and enzyme systems

Helps reduce accumulation of fluid in the body tissues

Deficiency Symptoms

Muscle weakness, fluid accumulation, pus and needles, loss of appetite, thirst, constipation and low blood pressure

Disorder of kidneys and nervous systems

Paralysis, due to insufficient nerve impulses

Excess Symptoms

Cardiac arrest

Reduced effectiveness of anticoagulant medicines

Drowsiness, disorientation, weakness, cardiac problem including arrhythmia (eg. during diarrhea)

Excess of Potassium (Causes)

Excessive fluid loss caused by prolonged diarrhea or vomiting.

Kidney failure (Lack of elimination)

Decrease in Potassium (Causes)

Increased intake of Alcohol, Coffee and Sugar. (Thus K+ in blood is upset and reduced due to heart / liver / kidney diseases as well as Diabetes, Cancer and Hyperthyroid (hyperactive thyroid gland).

Diuretic drugs

There is in fact a vital relationship between the metals Potassium and Magnesium in our bodies.

  1. Both of their deficiency symptoms are similar
  2. Insufficiency of one implies that the other is lacking
  3. Potassium uptake into cells requires both Potassium (K) + Magnesium (Mg)
  4. Else only blood serum values increase of Potassium ions (K+) notcellular levels

When Potassium (K+) intake is lower than Potassium (K+) elimination via urine thenPotassium (K+) levels decrease across serum and cells. To replace K+ ions the cells use H+ ions or protons causing problems as the cells’ acidity changes.

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