Moringa Nutramatrix packs in a host of ingredients that gives the final product a high of synergy to transform your health forever. With decades of Research from Ms Karen Viera, the world’s renowned Food Scientist, our organization was quick to license this most amazing power pack of nutrients on its research and discovery.

Moringo Oleifera

The miracle tree that prevents over 300 diseases

Oregano Vulgare

Super Herb that contains 42 times more Antioxidant activity than Apples, 12 times more than Organges and 4 times more than Blueberries


Mediterranean herb with needle like leaves rich source of Anti-inflammatory compounds and Antimicrobial agents

Pomegranate Peel

Greatest anti-ageing super food rich in Polyphenols protects from heart disease


A natural substance (Destroyer of weakness) found in himalyas that contains 84 trace minerals to provide an extraordinary boost to your immune system


Most powerful ingredient with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain & the nervous system


The Essential nutrient with super Antioxidant that blocks free radicals and DNA Damage


Spice Seed rich in minerals and therapeutic potential to lower blood LDL or bad Cholesterol


Curry Spice Extract with a powerful medicinal component called Curcumin is a bioactove substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level

Piper Nigrum

High potent spice extract helps to incrase the absorption of nutrients up to 60% better