Welcome to the world of Moringo Organics.

If you haven't yet heard about the MAGICAL BENEFITS OF MORINGO NUTRA, here it is. We are the world's foremost organization to have brought the magical benefits of Moringa Olifiera to the common man. It is a magical tree that is known to prevent more than 320 diseases (Refer: John Hopkins University and other research here). Added to that we also researched countless herbs to bring some really potent ones at the fore.

Our journey into the magical world of preventive health care through non medical non surgical intervention has brought unbelievable results around the world (click here)! We achieved this through extensive research on potent herbs for more than 10 years.

Moringo Organics started out as the dream child of our CEO Robert James who wanted to make a positive difference in people's lives. Born in Orange County, California, and raised in Tennessee Robert has dedicated his professional life to executive management in Direct selling. During the past 16 years, he has been successful in helping many top companies open and develop new markets - impacting tens of thousands of lives through the direct sales business opportunity.

The value of our company lies in the great value we provide to people around the world. Herein comes the incredible role of our Chief Scientific advisor Dr Karen Viera. Her prolonged research in the world of food sciences has helped us dish out some of the most amazing products that are changing and healing lives right now! Karen's work on Moringa Oliefera is one such gift our company has brought to the world. She continues to work on a variety of other potent formulations using Oregano Vulgare, Rose Mary, Piper Nigrum, Asphaltum and many other phyto nutrients.

Moringa drum sticks
Moringa Poweder
Pomegranate Peels
Rosemary Herb 2

Dr. Karen Vieira has been a research scientist with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Florida College of Medicine. She also holds a MS in Management and has more than 10 years of hands-on experience at Kraft Foods and in academia doing medical, scientific and nutritional research. Her undergraduate and graduate projects were in clinical and laboratory sickle cell research. She has done cellular and molecular biology research on transcriptional regulation of the human and mouse beta-globin locus, aimed towards gene therapy for sickle cell disease.

Using Dr Viera's extensive research on Customized Nutritional Supplements and Robert's hands on approach to direct selling Moringa Organics as an organization has quickly spread around major parts of the world by leaps and bounds (see our growth rate).

While licensed and patented in Americas at its inception Moringa targeted the Indian subcontinent as its first working base. Very soon by 2014 our idea of Customized Supplements (disease prevention + nutrition) took India by storm. We started seeing incredible results from users (click here). The Indian market has so far just exploded!

Moringa-nutrient chart

Soon therafter we spread our direct selling channels to the whole of North Americas, Dubai and very soon will to be launched in Bangladesh. Rest of Europe and Canada awaits!

We not only hold great promise in bringing the hidden power of Moringa to the suffering but also promise to continue researching new methods and approaches to prevent irreversible conditions like Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension etc.. By formulating a combination of natural ingredients using a mixture of scientific research and our experience in the health products field, we have created unique products that are more inclusive and contain higher levels of therapeutic value. Developed to provide multiple health benefits. From “Seed to Shelf,” Moringo organics ensure purity, potency, safety, and availability in our herbal extracts by following standards and guidelines set forth by the WHO, CGMP, USDA and NSF.

In a span of 4 years we have not only TRANSFORMED people's health (click here to know more) but also given more than 100,000 people (just in India alone) access to INCREDIBLE INCOME opportunities through our channel partners.