The Amazing Power of Vitamins

Word coined by polish chemist casimir funk in 1911. He extracted a crystalline substance from rice calling it “Vita-amini” meaning – vital to life (‘Amine’) or Nitrogen.Present in minute quantities compared to proteins carbs and fats and fibre. Mithin Vitamin themselves qty vary i.e. Daily uptake – Vitamin C – 30 mg but Vit B12-3 […]

Why you need Potassium?

The most common fruit that comes to mind when you think of potassium is the Banana, right? You are bang on. But what is this Potassium and why and how does it help us in our day to day functioning of our bodies? So if you want to know why Potassium is the next best […]

Why you need Sodium?

Very many of us have been told the value of having proper Sodium in our daily diet. How can we even have food without Salt by the way? But many of us don’t know why and how our bodies process this most important metal ion. So for the less initiated here is a brief low […]